Yotai Wins Two Major Awards at the BRICS Charging and Swapping Forum

Recently, the 2024 10th China International Electric Vehicle Charging and Swapping Industry Conference (also known as the BRICS Charging and Swapping Forum), organized by Charging Pile Network and the Charging and Swapping Hundred People Association, was grandly held at the Shanghai Auto Show Center. Yotai emerged victorious, winning two prestigious awards in the "2024 Top Ten Brands in China's Charging and Swapping Industry" selection.

This year's conference, themed "Scientific Construction for High-Quality Development of the Charging and Swapping Industry," brought together 200 industry experts and business leaders to share the latest industry achievements, with over 2,000 attendees.

In the "2024 Top Ten Brands in China's Charging and Swapping Industry" selection, Yotai stood out among many outstanding brands due to its strong technical prowess and excellent comprehensive solutions. The company successfully won two major awards: the "2024 Top Ten Competitive Brands in China's Charging and Swapping Industry" and the "2024 Top Ten Solar-Storage-Charging Solutions Award."


With the rapid proliferation of new energy vehicles, the demand for EV charging and battery swapping is also growing stronger. As early as 2015, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure." On April 9, 2024, the Ministry of Finance and three other ministries issued the "Notice on Conducting the County-level Charging and Swapping Facility Supplementary Pilot Project," launching the "Hundred Counties, Thousand Stations, Ten Thousand Piles" pilot project. On May 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and four other departments issued the "Notice on Carrying Out the 2024 New Energy Vehicles to the Countryside Campaign," proposing policies to improve the supporting environment in rural areas, implement the old-for-new car replacement, and address the county-level charging and battery swapping facility gaps.

Yotai deeply adheres to national policies and actively explores new technologies and models for integrated charging, swapping, and solar-storage-charging solutions. On the product side, Yotai has continuously launched several EV charger products, both split and integrated, which have been applied in numerous charging station projects. In April 2024, Yotai introduced a revolutionary residential green energy product – the PV&ESS&EV Charging All-in-one Cabinet. This residential device combines PV power generation, a 60kWh large-capacity backup battery, and a charger, addressing the shortage of charging stations, enabling convenient home charging and effortless travel.

In terms of scenarios, Yotai integrates PV, ESS, EV charging, battery swapping, and comprehensive services like dining and leisure. They proposed the concept of a solar-storage-charging integrated "Urban Service Station." On May 7, 2023, Yotai officially launched the world's first PV&ESS&EV Charging&Battery Swapping "Urban  Service Station" supporting liquid-cooling superfast charging architecture. This station not only allows for a full charge over a cup of coffee but also creates a "half-hour commercial unit," establishing a new paradigm for commercial operations in the new energy vehicle charging and swapping sector.

The two awards are not only a tremendous encouragement for Yotai but also a high recognition from the industry for Yotai's long-term exploration in the fields of charging, swapping, and PV&ESS&EV Charging integration.