To enhance staff safety awareness and improve emergency response skills, creating a safe and harmonious working environment, Yotai has launched the 2024 Safety Production Month centered on the theme "Everyone Talks About Safety, Everyone Can Respond to Emergencies, and Keep Life Channels Open."


Yotai emerged victorious, winning two prestigious awards in the "2024 Top Ten Brands in China's Charging and Swapping Industry" selection.


On May 11th, Yotai, in collaboration with Shenzhen Capital Group's subsidiary, the long-established energy enterprise Shenzhen Nanshan Electric Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nanshan Electric"), launched the "Nanshan Electric-Zhaochi Innovation Industrial Park C&I ESS Project" in operation.


Recently, the solar storage system built by Yotai and "COFCO · Futian Day Joy Plaza," was officially delivered, which marks a milestone commercial application of Yotai's Smart100 PV&ESS All-in-one distributed ESS,


On April 16th, Yotai and Anche held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shenzhen, attended by He Xianning, Chairman of Anche, Qu Gang, Vice General Manager of Anche, Chen Shuo, CEO of Yotai, and Xu Dajian,


Recently, Yotai officially delivered grid-connected and off-grid energy storage systems designed for multiple industrial parks in Chaozhou City, helping local businesses achieve emergency backup power and transition to off-grid power supply mode.


Yotai New Product Launch: Residential Cabinet-type PV&ESS&EV Charging Cabinet


On March 19th, Yotai and Zhenhua Electric Power Group, a well-known large-scale electric power construction group in Henan Province, signed a regional market cooperation and development agreement,


On March 27, 2024, the China-Malaysia Deep Knowledge Exchange Salon on Digital Energy, under the exclusive title sponsorship of Yotai, was grandly held at "Inspiring Star Malaysia" in Kuala Lumpur. At this event,


Recently, Yotai has once again launched a significant new product—the Residential Stackable PV&ESS All-in-one Cabinet that integrates four major modules—PV, Energy Management System (EMS),